PBV Waiting List Opening



 MHA to open the Senior (62+) with an Extremely Low Income Requirement Project Based Waiting List 

The Banberry Apartments


30% Area Median Income Applicants Only


The Marietta Housing Authority (MHA), in partnership with Prestwick Companies (Development), is pleased to announce that the online Project Based Waiting list for the 20 site-based senior units, (age 62 and over) allocated at The Banberry Apartments will be open on April 30, 2024, at 9:00 a.m. and will remain open until an adequate pool of applicants is received. The list is for one and two-bedroom project-based voucher units only. The Housing Choice Voucher waiting list is NOT open.

MHA housing is available to individuals and families earning less than 30% of Area Median Income (ranging from $22,600 for a single person to $29,050 for a family of three). This income limit must be maintained throughout the entire occupancy to remain eligible for these specific units.

To apply please visit the MHA website www.mariettahousingauthority.org. No paper pre-applications will be accepted at any MHA or Prestwick Companies property or by phone. If you need assistance understanding this advertisement, please contact MHA 770-419-3200.

Eligible applicants will be placed on the site-based waiting list in order of the date and time they were accepted. It is expected that the occupancy of the newly constructed units will begin in May 2024.