I Want To Port to MHA Jurisdiction

If you want to port (move) to the MHA’s jurisdiction, please have your current public housing agency send the required information to:

Marietta Housing Authority
C/O: Portability Department
95 Cole Street
Marietta, GA  30060-2090
Telephone:  770-419-3200 /770-419-5144 (direct)
Fax: 770-419-3232

Required Documents
•Form HUD-52665
•Copies of income verification forms
•Copy of the voucher (52646)
•Copies of family composition documents will be required by the family at the time of the interview/briefing
•Copy of the most recent Form HUD-50058
•Voucher Holder contact information (include a current mailing address where the appointment letter can be mailed to)
•EIV Report