Project Based Voucher

What is Project Based Voucher (PBV)?

PBV provides rental assistance that is tied to a specific unit in a property contracted with the Housing Authority. The Housing Authority pays a portion of the contracted rent in the form of a housing assistance payment to the owner on behalf of the participant. The participant pays the remaining rent, an amount that is roughly the equivalent to 30% of their adjusted monthly income.

How much can I make to qualify for the PBV Program?

MHA housing is available to individuals and families earning less than 50% of Area Median Income (ranging from $26,200 for a single person to $37,700 for a family of four to $49,400 for a family of eight).

How does MHA determine my bedroom size?

MHA determines the appropriate number of bedrooms under the PHA subsidy standards and enters the family unit size on the voucher that is issued to the family. MHA will assign one bedroom for each two (2) persons within the household. MHA does not determine who shares a bedroom/sleeping room. All requirements in this policy relate to the number of bedrooms for subsidy standards not the family’s actual living arrangements. MHA will grant exceptions to normal family unit size when a family requests a larger size than the guidelines allow and documents a disability or a medical reason why the larger size is necessary.

Where can I go to submit a paper application?

Pre-Applications are available online only.  You cannot apply using a paper application, nor can you apply by calling MHA. You must have a valid email address to complete the online pre-application process. An email address can be obtained at no charge from the following vendors: Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail.

Is there an application fee?

Registration is FREE. Be aware of dishonest schemes. At NO TIME during the process will MHA require you to provide credit/debit card information, nor is there any cost to apply.

What paperwork will you need from me during the pre-application process?

It is not necessary to have all your documents ready at the time of application. When you apply, you will be asked to provide basic information–your name, Social Security Number or Alien Registration Number, family composition, contact information, and accessibility accommodation requests. Please keep your contact information up to date.

How does MHA determine my position on the waiting list?

Your place on the waiting list is assigned by the date and time the application is accepted into the computer system. When you reach the top of the waiting list for your choice, MHA will contact you by email. You must respond within 14 calendar days of receiving MHA’s communication to keep your spot.

Is there help for individual that are not comfortable using a computer?

If you know someone who does not have access to a computer or does not feel comfortable using the Internet, please have them call the main office at 770-419-3200 or 470-694-6164. Staff will make an appointment to assist them.