How do I select renters for my property?


Many new real estate investors underestimate the importance of screening applicants. Finding the right renters for your property will be key to your success as a landlord.

The Marietta Housing Authority conducts criminal background checks on Housing Choice families, but otherwise screening and selection are entirely the landlord’s responsibility. In fact, the Marietta Housing Authority is prohibited by law from screening or steering Housing Choice families.

The screening and selection criteria a landlord uses must comply with all fair housing laws. Several options are open to landlords:

1. Contact former landlords to inquire about applicants’ payment and housekeeping history.
2. Contact utility companies for applicants’ payment history
3. Ask applicants for employment references to verify sources of income.
4. Ask applicants for any history of evictions.
5. Ask applicants about any drug-related or criminal activity.
6. Ask to meet applicants at their current residence to see first hand how they maintain their homes.