How does Housing Choice determine rent rates?



Whenever a new unit is listed with Housing Choice, the landlord’s first question is: How much is the rent going to be?

We would like to bring new units into the program at the landlord’s requested rental rate. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. In negotiating rental rates, the Housing Choice Programs caseworker must consider the following factors:


  • Number of bedrooms; number of bathrooms; additional rooms
  • Utilities and other services paid by the tenant
  • Rent Reasonableness
    • The rent does not exceed other similar unassisted units
  • Maximum rent burden of the client family
    • Rent burden cannot exceed 40%
    • See how Your subsidy is Calculated [1410] which is given to voucher holders



The owner may request a rental increase only after the initial lease term.

  • Min. 60 day notice to tenant
  • Min. 60 day Request for Rent Increase to MHA; copy of notice to tenant attached
  • Rent Reasonableness test;  approve/deny/amend
  • MHA gives 30 days notice to tenant and landlord of approve/deny/amend
  • See forms [3330] and [3335]