Section 8/HCV

 Jim Rattray   -    Director Section 8/Housing Choice Voucher Program


 The only MHA waiting lists currently open are for project based vouchers for the elderly (those 62 or older).  The waiting list for the Housing Choice Program, (also known as Sec8 Program,) is closed.  When the waiting list opens again, it will be announced on the MHA website.




Section 8/Housing Choice Voucher Program
Cameron, Sauncerae Housing Specialist 770-419-5153
Christopher, Alva Housing Specialist 770-419-5109
Cobb, Shannon Housing Specialist 770-419-5118
Devoe, Tabitha Occupancy Specialist 770-419-5107
Green, Erica
Housing Specialist
Loberg ,Jacquelyn HousingSpecialist 770-419-5108
McAllister, Knakiea
Housing Specialist
Moreland, Tangulia Housing  Specialist 770-419-5113
MCDowell, Olivia Housing Specialist 770-419-5103
Roberts, Nita Housing Specialist 770-419-5114
Sims, Rene Program Manager 770-419-5111
Hudson, Marz Inspector Specialist 770-419-5116








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