Housing Quality Standards

HUD regulations require The Marietta Housing Authority to inspect all potential Housing Choice units to ensure that they are "decent, safe and sanitary" according to federal Housing Quality Standards ("HQS"). No unit can be leased through Housing Choice unless it meets these standards.

Over and above these standards, The Marietta Housing Authority has also established its own set of criteria to ensure that Housing Choice families receive superior housing choices in good neighborhoods with a strong quality-of-life infrastructure. Document [5510] and [5520] explain these additional standards in more detail.

In evaluating a prospective unit for suitability, The Marietta Housing Authority looks at the condition of the unit itself, but also the condition of the property site and the quality of the larger neighborhood. Our goal is to ensure that every Housing Choice family enjoys full access to educational and employment opportunities in a healthy community that promotes good citizenship and cooperative living.

Please note that the following is only a general checklist of requirements. The Marietta Housing Authority will cite, require correction, and act upon observable conditions outside of HQS Standards.  Again, no unit can be leased up unless it meets these standards.

Building Exterior

  • Roof, gutter, fascia, and foundation wall are all structurally sound and weather tight.
  • Walls are free of peeling paint and graffiti.
  • Windows work properly, are weather tight and lockable.
  • All exterior windows designed to open have screens and those screens are maintained by the landlord.
  • Porches have guardrails in accordance with building codes.
  • Stairs with four or more steps have handrails in accordance with building codes.
  • Exterior and shared basement doors have locks designed for exterior use and of sufficient quality to support the weight of the door.
  • If the building is designed to have gutters it does, and they are clear of debris.


  • Lawn and storage areas are free of garbage, debris.
  • No overgrown vegetation such as weeds or kudzu.
  • Lawn and shrubs are properly edged and trimmed on a regular basis.
  • Limited soil erosion.
  • Fencing, if any, is in good repair and free of graffiti.


  • All utilities are on and operating safely.
  • Water heater is properly installed and operating.
  • Water heater is equipped with a correct temperature-pressure relief valve according to the manufacturer's specifications, and those specifications are posted near the heater so they can be verified by the inspector. A discharge pipe is installed on the valve within six (6) inches of the ground.
  • Plumbing is properly installed, leak-free and vented in accordance with building codes.
  • Air conditioning system is properly installed and operational.
  • Heating system is properly installed and operational.
  • Buildings have properly marked fire exits that meet building codes.
  • No exposed wires or open electrical panels.
  • Pilot lights on gas stoves are in proper working order.

Dwelling Unit

  • Walls are clean, painted and free from holes, peeling, chipping or loose paint.
  • Unit is free of any trash or debris.
  • All appliances (e.g., stove, refrigerator) are clean and operable.
  • Each bedroom has at least two electrical outlets or one electrical outlet and an overhead light.
  • Each bedroom has a window, and, if designed to be opened, the window operates properly.
  • Stairs with four or more steps have handrails in accordance with building codes.
  • Electrical outlets, switches, and light fixtures are in proper working order with appropriately sized cover.
  • Bathroom doors have functioning locks.
  • Doors are installed where required throughout the unit.
  • Smoke alarms located in close proximity to all sleeping area and are installed on each level of the unit and are operational.
  • Windows and doors are operable and are not blocked, nailed shut or in any other condition that would prevent egress.
  • No condition that presents a tripping hazzard in flooring or stairways.
  • Unit is free of mold and mildew.
  • No propane, natural or methane gas odor is detectable.
  • No sewer odor is detectable.
  • No evidence of insect or vermin presence.

*The Marietta Housing Authority adheres to the Code of Federal Regulations at Title 24 Part 982 Sections 404, 405 and 406; applicable HUD Handbooks; Housing Inspections Manual H-605 and HUD supplements in order to determine, enforce, and monitor the acceptable criteria for HQS. HQS will take precedence over State and/or local housing codes unless State and/or local codes, or The Marietta Housing Authority-established requirements, are more restrictive. In those cases, The Marietta Housing Authority will adhere to the more stringent State and/or local housing codes and The Marietta Housing Authority-established requirements.





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